Afam Plant

The Afam Power Plant is the newest and biggest of the FIPL’s projects. It is made up of 2 phases. The contract for Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) of the first and second phases were awarded in 2010 and 2011 respectively to Saipem, a subsidiary of the Italian Oil giant, Eni. At present, Phase 1 is operational with an installed GE (formerly Alstom) GT13E2 gas turbine of 180MW capacity, exporting an average of 3500MWH per day into the national grid. The expectation is that phase 2 of the same type of unit would be installed and come online before the end of 2019. Natural gas for the operation of the Afam turbine is supplied from Shell Nigeria.

Afam is located in Oyigbo LGA of Rivers State. A relatively small community but is a power generation hub as it plays host to 4 power plants. FIPL’s Afam Power Plant, Shell’s Afam VI Power plant, Government’s Afam I-IV Power plant and the currently on-going construction of the Fast Power Plant. They also are host communities to the Shell Okoloma gas plant.

Eleme Plant

Eleme is perhaps the first of the FIPL plant to be constructed. It was a previously dilapidated and non-functioning power station. In 2001, the 20MW GE LM2500 Gas turbine at Eleme was refurbished and commissioned by FIPL. However, due to operational difficulties, FIPL took a pragmatic step to trade-in the old 20MW GE LM2500 and expand the capacity at this station through the procurement of 3x25MW Frame 5 Nuovo Pignone Gas turbines.

These turbines are have been installed but some plant accessories and controls are yet to be installed and commissioned. This project is still in view.

Omoku Plant

The Omoku plant has six units of 25MW GE Nuovo Pignone heavy duty gas turbines, making a total of 150MW installed capacity. The plant generates power and transmits to the national grid via its on-Site 132KV switching facility through Rumuosi Transmission Substation.

The plant is located beside the NAOC gas Processing Plant Obrikom from where the natural gas for the operations of the turbines is supplied. Omoku power plant was commissioned in 2006 by President Olusegun Obasanjo.

Trans Amadi Plant

Sited in a land area of about 4 Hectares, Trans-Amadi plant has a total installed capacity of 136MW. The plant was commissioned in 2 phases. Phase I consists of a 3 x 12MW solar mars gas turbines commissioned in 2002, while Phase II consists of 4 x 25 MW Nuovo Pignone frame gas turbines commissioned in 2009.

The Power plant has the following facilities; 4 x 25MW GE Nuovo Pignone gas turbines, 3 x 12 MW GE solar mars gas turbines, control buildings, 4 x 35MVA transformers (11KV/33KV), 3 X 75MVA (33KV/132KV) transformers and supported by 2 black start generators for island mode startup. The turbines get supply of natural gas from Shell Nigeria.


70/72 Ordinance Road, Trans Amadi, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.
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