Eleme is perhaps the first of the FIPL plant to be constructed. It was a previously dilapidated and non-functioning power station. In 2001, the 20MW GE LM2500 Gas turbine at Eleme was refurbished and commissioned by FIPL. However, due to operational difficulties, FIPL took a pragmatic step to trade-in the old 20MW GE LM2500 and expand the capacity at this station through the procurement of 3x25MW Frame 5 Nuovo Pignone Gas turbines. These turbines are yet to be commissioned and civil works are currently on-going.

The contract for the Power plant under construction includes:
  • Civil works, foundations and piling
  • Switchgear, 132kV switchyard, cables, synchronising panels for 3 gas turbines
  • Black start generator
  • Connection to State 132kV grid
  • Supply and installation of 3 x 25MW Frame 5 gas turbines (including trade-in of old unit)
  • Gas skid, piping and gas heaters
  • Canopy for gas turbines and crane
  • Location/Land Size
About the Community
Eleme is located east of Port Harcourt. The major industry present is the Eleme Petrochemical plant operated by Indorama. The plant sits on a plot size of about 4Hectares. The Plant is located near the NGC Gas treatment plant in Eleme. This location has a lot of advantages. It has potential to meet the power needs of the Port Harcourt Refinery as an Eligible Customer.