First Independent Power Limited (FIPL), a Sahara Power Group Company, has inducted 13 young engineers into the generating company following a six-month extensive development programme focused on enhancing technical competence, responsible engineering and FIPL’s human capital sustainability strategy. 

The 2022 graduates are the fourth batch of FIPL’s Entry level engineering programme, which began in 2012 in line with Sahara Power Group’s commitment to training and  empowering young and vibrant engineers towards adding impetus to the process of transforming the power sector.

Speaking at the event, Managing Director, Sahara Power Group, Anthony Youdeowei, upheld said the nation would look to the young engineers to play a critical role in changing the narrative of the power sector in Nigeria. He asserted, “For us to make a difference, we must equip and mentor the younger generation and give them all the support they need to become instruments of transformation and part of the commitment of FIPL to the energy sector includes harnessing the potential of these young vibrant talents across the country.”

While congratulating the graduates, he charged them to be focused and dedicated to delivering excellence because the future of the Nigerian Power sector indeed depends on them. “You have been called to serve your country, and you must do so with the willingness and desire to improve and overhaul certain areas of the power sector if need be to birth the power sector that will support sustainable growth and development in Nigeria”.

Also speaking at the graduation ceremony, Dr. Kenechukwu Nwangwu, CEO, FIPL, applauded the graduates for their dedication and zeal to complete the program successfully. He stated, “ I am proud to be part of Sahara group for providing career opportunities and upskilling young, talented and vibrant professionals. It is with great delight that I congratulate you for starting such a rigorous program and finishing on such high note”. He added that he would build on the legacy of the former CEO, Godwin Emmanuel, by creating programs that will harness these talents and transform them into full-fledged engineers for the future.

The entry-level engineer’s trainee program is a key component of sustainability planning and building of a talent pool at FIPL. During the program, trainees were required to undergo a series of classroom-based learning sessions facilitated by the Energy Training Centre (ETC), carry out hands-on and on-the-job training with rotations across several areas within the organization.

Sahara Power Group continues to invest immensely in training and capacity-building programs targeted at advancing the aspiration of youths by providing them with the opportunity to build their abilities while empowering them for a better life. This is part of Sahara Power’s commitment to Nigerians in its quest to bring energy to life responsibly.