Safety is our culture at FIPL

We believe workplace safety and health is about preventing injury and illness to employees and visitors alike in the premises as well as preventing any form of harm to the environment.

That is why at FIPL it is mandatory that new employees attend an induction course on HSE appreciation, safe work practices, work permit procedures, and the use of PPEs. Refresher courses and fire drills are conducted regularly. We also run a viable medical and first aid system at our plants.

Each year, tangible investments are made on personnel training, procurement of personal protective equipment (PPE), servicing of safety equipment as well as performing reliability tests of safety devices. The aim is to reduce all harm potential within the plant to an ALARP (As low as is reasonably practicable) status.

The FIPL safety management System describes the principles used in conducting our operations.

These principles are further communicated to employees, clients, contractors and other third party associates by the company management. Employee commitments to safety as well as the plants operational processes are regularly audited, feedback reports are generated and relevant recommendations and improvements are made all in a bid to ensure compliance.

The rudiments of the FIPL Safety Management System of made up of the following interrelated components:
  • Management’s support and commitment to the cause, providing leadership and ensuring accountability
  • Creation of policies and setting of goals with specific timelines
  • Managing third parties
  • Continuous risk analysis and management
  • Employee training in order to improve competence
  • Incident reporting and investigation
  • Emergency response planning and management
  • Periodic audits, reviews and checks for compliance