Omoku plant has 6 units of 25MW GE heavy duty gas turbines making a total of 150MW. The first power generation capability at the Omoku power plant was commissioned in 2006 with an installed capacity of 4x25 MW Nuovo Pignone Gas Turbines. Three of these turbines were procured in 2001 and the 4th procured in 2002. The fifth and sixth generating units (2x25MW Nuovo Pignone) were procured in 2005 and commissioned in 2008.

Omoku Power station has the following facilities:
  • 6 x 25MW GE NuovoPignone gas turbines
  • Electrical control building
  • 6 x 35MVA transformers
  • Turbine canopy with gantry crane
  • 132kV switchyard supplied by Schneider Electric of France
  • 2x1MW Caterpillar Black start generators
  • Fire protection system
  • Gas treatment plant
  • Fire protection system
  • Lube oil coolers
  • 132kV switching facility
  • Power transformers
About The Community
Omoku is a town in Rivers State, Nigeria with a population of about 33,000 people. It is located in the northern part of the state, near the boundary with Delta State and Imo State. It is the capital of the Ogba/Egbema/NdoniLocal Government Area. Oil companies which operate there include SPDC, TOTAL and NAOC. The city's infrastructure has been improved with the construction of dual carriageway roads, the Omoku power generation plant and banks. The city was unconnected to the national grid, so FIPL had to spend a lot of money to transmit (through a 132KV Switch yard) and distribute power to the environs. As part of the national Integrated power Project, the FGN through the Niger Delta Power Holding Company is building a 252MW gas turbine power station with 2 x 126MW GE 9EA gas turbines, which would be interconnected to the existing 150MW power plant at the 132KV Switch yard. For almost a decade, FIPL has supplied electricity valued at over 2billion naira to the neighboring communities without charge. This underscores FIPLs commitment to fulfilling their corporate social responsibilities and positively impacting lives. Nigerian Agip Oil Company supplies the natural gas for Omoku plant operations.