Sited in a land area of about 4 Hectares, Trans-Amadi plant has a total installed capacity of 136MW . The plant was commissioned in 2 phases. Phase 1 consists of a 3x12MW Solar Mars Gas Turbines commissioned in 2002 while Phase 2 consists of 4x25MW Nuovo Pignone frame 5 Gas Turbines commissioned in 2009. Two of the Phase 2 turbines were procured in 2004 and the other 2 were bought in 2005.

Trans-Amadi Power station has the following facilities:
  • 4 x 25MW GE NuovoPignone gas turbines
  • 3 x 12MW GE Solar Mars gas turbines
  • Electrical control building
  • 4 x 35MVA transformers
  • 3 x 75MVA transformers
  • Turbine canopy with gantry crane
  • 132kV switchyard supplied by Schneider Electric of France
  • Black start generators
  • Fire protection system
  • Gas treatment plant
  • 132kV switching facility
  • Lube oil coolers, etc
About The Community
Trans-Amadi is located in Port-Harcourt, the Capital of Rivers State. Covering an area of about 2600 Hectars, this vibrant industrial district hosts many multinationals including Total, Schlumberger, Weatherford, Caterpillar etc. Local and foreign manufacturing companies, financial institutions and classy hotels are all present in their numbers. These industrial power consumers require stable, affordable and reliable power supply. Therefore, Trans-Amadi power plant was built primarily to cater to the needs of these institutions. Power is also sent to the city’s distribution network to support its allocation from the national grid. Shell Petroleum Development Company supplies the natural gas for Trans-Amadi plant operations.